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Luxury Home Goods Retailer Group   |   E-commerce Platform

The project

Our client in this circular economy project was a luxury table and glassware company with over 250 years of excellence who has sold their dinnerware to queens and kings around the world. They employed us to create a new peer-to-peer resale website to buy and resell high-end tableware for brands like Royal Copenhagen, Iittala, Royal Doulton, Waterford, Wedgewood, and Rörstrand. We delivered a high-fidelity and very detailed clickable prototype for 3 different user groups: someone who is browsing, someone who knows exactly what piece they want and have been looking for a while, and someone who wants to sell their pre-loved pieces.

My Role

As the lead visual designer on the team, I established a new visual direction and colour palette and designed a high fidelity and beautiful clickable prototype for our 3 different user groups. I did extensive competitive research and benchmarking of other second-hand platforms to create a features list for our prototype, wireframed out some key pages, wrote compelling copy for each page, and designed the user flow from start to finish. I interfaced with our client, and pushed for what I believed in internally and with her. In the end we built a site that will help extend the life of high quality table and glassware for years to come.

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