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Norwegian Bank   |   Mobile Savings and Investment Platform

The project

A long-established bank in Norway was looking to help its customers start investing and build an investing branch into its existing mobile application. Investing is not as common in Norway and many customers go their whole lives building up their savings accounts without investing in assets that can grow, meaning they are actually losing money due to inflation. I was invited to be part of the pitch team as a subject matter advisor in personal finance, saving and investing. We pitched several ideas including my proposal to provide stocks and funds with an environmental or human impact rating so customers can make more conscious choices in what they support and fund. We won the bank over and they selected us a trusted partner to build their investing platform. To begin, we investigated our customer types, conducted benchmarks against other direct and spatial competitors, defined differentiating product features, and built a large set of UI screens to detail out the features we designed.

My Role

served as the lead UX and UI designer to define the visual direction of the platform as well as the product features included. I designed 85 screens detailing different flows and scenarios for different customer types. Some of these included

  • A questionnaire to match customers with personally recommended funds

  • A complete overview of your wealth and how it has changed over time, as well as the ability to compare your performance against different world indexes

  • A cart feature to preview how adding new stocks and funds will change your portfolio’s performance and allocation. This will let customers strategically plan and have confidence in their decision before either purchasing over time or all at once

  • Showing savers who don’t invest what the projected growth could be if they did invest, and the projected loss due to inflation if they continue not investing

  • Building a “Save with Family” feature and child’s version interface

  • A news center to display exciting content, podcasts, articles, and videos to help establish brand familiarity and bring people into the savings platform

  • An education center for customers to enroll in different courses to learn about investing, money habits, talking about money with your family or partner, automating your finances, saving for retirement etc.

  • A feature to get assistance from experts at the bank when getting started or any point along the way. You can book a video call or chat instantly with someone right in the app

  • A website mockup introducing the launch of the app and all its features

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