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Non-Profit   |   Website Redesign

The project

Every year, the company I work for donates its time, resources, and design expertise to cause-worthy companies. I had the opportunity to be a part of a small team redesigning the website for a non-profit whose mission is to end human trafficking amongst children and teenagers in the state of Georgia, U.S.A. To continue gaining support for the work they do, they needed to reach more people. We knew that if we created an online space that could cater to the right user groups, convey the extent of the services they offer, appeal to donors, educate the community on the severity of the issue, and create a safe space for those seeking help, we could help our non-profit secure grants and donations and continue to serve its youth in need. We began by doing research to identify what groups of people we should focus on, and listened closely to our non-profit’s hopes for their new space before redesigning their entire site and site structure. It’s projects like these that allow me to directly see the human impact my work can have, and how design can play an important subconscious role in the lives of non-designers.

My role

After listening carefully to our client, it was evident they wanted to convey the feeling of hopefulness and brightness with their new space. To help bring this to life, I created three moodboards to capture that feeling of a bright future. After we settled on one, I went to work drawing their new logo. I wanted it to be a youthful, energetic mark that conveyed the spread of energy and hope. The next step was strategizing which content would be most impactful to display on the home page. I wireframed content blocks to present to my team, and after some discussion I mocked up all the new pages for the site with a new, energetic and youthful style that appeals to wealthy donors, volunteer, and at-risk youth alike.

The outcome

Our client realized they were not as ready as they thought to re-brand their visual style so quickly, and the colors and logo for the final site changed considerably from what is shown here. However, the site still went live soon after with most of the UX elements I designed. The client was thrilled, grateful, and confident that the updated space will help them to continue serving thousands of teens per year and secure the big donations they rely on.

Content Block 1 - Nonprofit.png
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